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This Tax Estimator is intended to assist homesteaded and non-homesteaded property owners estimate future taxes and understand the impact of amendments to the Florida State Constitution which affect real property assessments. This estimator is based upon the following assumptions and mathematical variables.

  • Values used in the estimator are based on 2017 certified tax roll.
  • We use 2017 final millage rates to estimate future taxes. The estimated tax range reflects the lowest to highest total millages for the taxing authority selected. If purchasing new property within Florida, taxes are estimated using a 20 mill tax rate. For more information, go to the Tax Roll/Millages link on the homepage.
  • We use a Market Value range of 87.5% to 112.5% of the purchase price you enter.
  • The formula used to calculate portable amounts and the new assessed value is determined by whether the new Market Value is greater than or equal to the prior Market Value (Upsizing) or whether it is less than the prior Market Value (Downsizing). The maximum portability benefit that can be transferred is $500,000.
  • Tax savings due to the Amendment 1 Additional Homestead Exemption "exclude" school taxes.
  • We assume that for homesteaded properties, no portion of the property is used for non-homesteaded purposes.
  • For calculating taxable value and taxes on a new homestead property, we assume that you are entitled only to a homestead exemption. Additional exemptions such as but not limited to, Disability, Widows, Limited Income Seniors, etc…are NOT accounted for in this estimator.
  • If you are a new owner/homesteader of a property, any portability amount listed is reflective of the Save Our Homes benefit from the prior owner.
  • We assume you have 100% of the equitable title of your homestead and the same number of eligible owners will be transferring any portability amount to the new homestead from the prior homestead.
  • When using the "Sell this property" feature of this estimator, only ad-valorem taxes are estimated for the new property. There may be other non ad-valorem charges such as storm water drainage, garbage collection, CDD fees, etc..., which are not listed.
  • We assume the sale/purchase price entered is an "arm’s length transaction" and is not a foreclosure, short sale, related party sale or other transaction which would not be considered "arm’s length". The purchase/sale price of a foreclosure, short sale, or related party sale, may not reflect market value, and entering such into the estimator may not reflect accurate estimated taxes.

Your use of this estimator and its data constitutes your admission and agreement that you have read and understand the above assumption, intent and limitations and that you will hold harmless the office of the Property Appraiser and its employees from any and all mistakes, misuse, and misunderstandings.